Outline of Sponsorship Opportunities

This conference is aimed at influential people from the public and private sector involved in development including developers, planning authorities, construction companies, service providers and consultants.

Various types of commercially viable sponsorship opportunities are available to sponsors for WCPDF 2019:

1.    Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship
2.    Name branding of functions
3.    Sponsorship of a variety of specific items
4.    Media sponsors
5.    Endorsement sponsors

The following sponsorship packages provide a high degree of flexibility, combining traditional branding elements with added-value opportunities for addressing the conference attendees and communicating your corporate message .


As a gold, silver or bronze sponsor your company will be clearly identified as one of most important contributors at WCPDF 2019.

As a Gold, Silver or Bronze sponsor your company will receive: Gold  Silver  Bronze
Sponsorship Costs R75k + vat R50k + vat R25k + vat
Your company logo, in colour on all promotional items where possible YES YES YES
Your company logo on the front cover of the speakers’ notes YES YES YES 
Your company banner in the conference venues (vertical free standing banners only) YES YES YES
Your company banner on the main room stage (vertical free standing banner only) YES NO NO
An advert in the speakers’ notes A4 both sides A4 x 1 side A4 x 1 side
Hot link from the conference web site to your company web site YES YES YES
Opportunity to introduce your company during the sessions 5min 2min NO

 In addition your company will also receive:

Free standing banners allowed in the conference room 4 2 1
Free conference tickets for delegates 4 2 1
Free tickets to social events - (Welcome Cocktail Party) 4 2  1

The Gold, Silver or Bronze sponsorship gives your substantial direct tangible benefits in terms of free tickets to the conference, social events, free display space and all the added prestige and exposure of being recognized as a major sponsor, plus, the opportunity to further enhance your sponsorship by the distribution of appropriate promotional items to the delegates.

As a Gold, Silver or Bronze sponsor, your company can gain increased exposure by providing or sponsoring any of the sponsorship items listed under sections 2 and 3 below.


Welcome Cocktail party R   32,000 
Lunch day 1 R   32,000
Lunch day 2 R   32,000


The following items or any other appropriately useful items may be provided or sponsored. Estimated requirement 200.

Conference bags/Folders – Incl company logo - Est. cost R150 each R30,000
Speakers gifts R5,000 - Sponsored by Power Group
Conference booklet – Incl. programme/abstract - Est. cost R80 each R16,000
Name badges – Incl. company logo - Est. cost R37.50 each R7,500 - Sponsored by AL&A
Pens – Incl. company logo - Est. cost R20 each R4,000 - Sponsored by ASAQS
Pads – Incl. company logo - Est. cost R20 each R4,000 - Sponsored by Power Group
Adverts - A4 single sided in conference booklet R3,500
Inserts - A4 provided by you 
plus R500 per additional A4 page R3,500 



To provide free advertising relevant to the promotion to a minimum value of R15,000. 
In return your company logo will be placed on the web site with a click through link to your site.


For appropriate associations, to promote to their members in return for a 10% discount on the fees for their members. In return your association logo will be placed on the web site with a click through link to your site.



We are most willing to discuss implementation of the above or any other ideas you may have for your company participation in adding value for the delegates and exposure for your organisation.

We hope to conclude most of the major sponsorship agreements before the end of January 2019 so we can include the names of the major sponsors in the main wave of advertising.

We look forward to welcoming you on board as a sponsor of WCPDF 2019 and look forward to working with you to make it a valuable and rewarding event for all participants.


Click here to view the Call for Papers and Sponsors pdf document