Call for Papers

The Perfect Storm: Investment and Jobs or Bureaucracy and Stagnation

Initiated in 2014, the annual WCPDF Conference is aimed at a sustainable property development environment in the Western Cape.


Each year the WCPDF brings together industry leaders, professionals, politicians and government officials to consider challenges faced by the property development industry within the Western Cape.  The goal is to facilitate investment by means of responsible property development activity.


Our 6th conference theme strikes at the heart of the challenge experienced by the development industry.  During dire economic conditions the need for strong government leadership is accentuated and demands a new way of doing business.



Rigorous debate is required to find common sense solutions, essential for a partnership between private and public sectors.  It is time for industry to share their frustrations with political leadership and the lack of delivery.  It is time for politicians to tell industry where it is falling short.


Your paper can contribute to stimulate debate and to highlight constructive changes in government and the industry.  Come and use this established platform to have your voice heard.


Bureaucracy offers tremendous opportunities for growth – remove it – and you get growth
Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, Israel


Bureaucracy is the art of making the possible impossible
Javier Pascual Salcedo


Every once in a while somebody has to get the bureaucracy by the neck and shake it loose and say, "Stop what you are doing."
Ronald Reagan


If bureaucracy is not checked, it will tend to build, in the name of peace, a defense against every conceivable contingency - so much 'security' that 'the secured' are without resources - helpless and hopeless.

Leonard Read


Bureaucracies are inherently antidemocratic. Bureaucrats derive their power from their position in the structure, not from their relations with the people they are supposed to serve. The people are not masters of bureaucracy but its clients.

Allan Keyes


Help us to help you, and join the Western Cape Property Development Forum at its annual conference in May 2019 to debate the impact of bureaucracy on investment in the Western Cape.


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Your proposal should include:

Please email your proposals by the 30 November 2018.
To: Natalie Smit, SBS Conferences