Jaspreet Sekhon

Self Advocate (Singapore)


Ms Jaspreet Kaur Sekhon is 31 years old , and has been working as a Teacher’s Aide for 12 years. She is also a self-advocate and an active member of Down Syndrome International and Down Syndrome Association , Singapore. She enjoys dance and music , travelling and meeting people . Jaspreet will share her experiences, accomplishments and challenges in her journey of learning , advocating and teaching.



Jaspreet went through the SpecialSchool system for the Intellectually Disabled in Singapore until she was 18 years old. A curious child , Jaspreet was keen to learn but was not challenged through the limited system. Through the initiative of her family , support from friends , and by being an active member of DSA Singapore, she took part in numerous integrated training courses and activities. Alongwith her interest in education, keenness in working with children, and desire to express herself, her combined experiences have contributed to her journey from learning to teaching. Drawing from these experiences, Jaspreet will share her challenges, feelings and opinions of learning and being a Teacher’s Aide for the past 12 years.