Measuring and Managing Workplace EQ with the Genos EI System

Johan Olwagen, SA and Dr Ben Palmer, Australia


  • Provide a workplace based model for measuring and managing EQ
  • Highlight the process from job profiling to coaching EQ
  • Link EQ to workplace based measures


This poster presentation will provide attendees with a workplace based model for emotional intelligence. 


An integrated process based approach, as opposed to an assessment approach to EQ is provided.  This will help attendees understand the importance of profiling the job requirements for EQ, doing a person-job match, as well as have specific behaviours to focus on for development. 


A coaching process using emotional intelligence as the focus is provided. In addition, we provide a 360-degree assessment format to measure how visibly EQ-related behaviours are displayed to others in the workplace.


The presentation will provide the EQ model, its relevance to the workplace, examples of questionnaires and reports.  In addition we will link some of the research done in a South African workplace.


Johan Olwagen is a Director of Kitso-Khumo. His company focuses on personal mastery and interpersonal effectiveness as the starting point for business success.

He focuses on leadership assessment and development using EQ as one of the three legs for effectiveness.  He also co-presents a leadership programme through  CE @ UP, leading to certification by the University of Pretoria

Dr Ben Plamer is the CEO and developer of the Genos EI instrument and development processes, Although Genos is based in Australia, it is internationally represented.

Kitso-Khumo has recently been appointed as local distributor of the Genos EI products and services.

Dr Ben Palmer completed his PhD on the assessment and application of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Since completion in 2002 he has been designing, validating and implementing emotional intelligence development programs to improve human capital performance variables and company revenue. His products and programs have delivered tangible improvements in both these areas and are used by organizations across the U.S.A., the U.K. South Africa, and the Asia Pacific Region. Dr Palmer is also a widely recognized expert in emotional intelligence. He is an invited member of the prestigious Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence and has published extensively in the area.