Emotional Intelligence Development
— An innovative model demonstrates auspicious results

Wolfgang Georg Scherl, UK

Poster Presenter:

Wolfgang G. Scherl is currently completing his PhD at the University of Nottingham, Business School and the Institute for Applied Psychology (I-WHO) in the UK. As a Doctoral Student, he has presented papers at numerous conferences world wide including EURAM in Munich, EDAMBA Doctoral Conference in Toulouse, NEDTN Doctoral Conference in Leeds and EROM International Conference in Organisation and Management in Lincoln. In addition to this, Scherl has conducted the PGC Conference at I-WHO department Nottingham University, taught a research seminar for Master students and is a tutor for undergraduate students.  
At Bradford University, School of Management, Scherl obtained distinction for his Master of Research Degree where he produced a dissertation on ‘Emotional Intelligence, Measurement and Related Development Concepts’. In 2002 he also completed a dissertation on ‘The Significance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace’ as part of his Master of Business Administration Degree.  Furthermore, he is doing managment training to enhance emotional intelligence for postgraduate students.