Creating Emotionally Intelligent Schools

Jenny Moorhouse and colleagues from secondary and primary school, UK


  • To identify the key features of an emotionally intelligent school
  • To explore a whole school approach to emotional intelligence and consider how the model could be transferred to their own school or setting
  • To examine a range of strategies to develop, nurture and enhance emotional intelligence  


The Thanet Excellence Cluster is a partnership of 14 schools which has selected EQ: Emotional Intelligence as the key strand of our work.  Using insight from the work of Dan Goleman et al in the US and working closely with Dr Elizabeth Morris of the School of Emotional Literacy in the UK, we are working together to develop emotionally strong school communities.  This whole school approach supports young people in gaining the skills and confidence to learn effectively, achieve their potential and go on to lead productive and fulfilling lives. 


In our session we will explore with participants what we have identified as key features of an emotionally intelligent school.  We will provide specific examples of our EQ development work including leadership and planning, school ethos and environment, auditing and evaluating EQ, staff awareness and wellbeing, the taught and ‘hidden’ curriculum, pupil voice and parental and community involvement.  We will also provide evidence of the significant impact of EQ on the life and work of the schools involved and on pupil motivation, aspirations and achievement.  Participants will be able to explore how they might transfer the model and transform their school or setting into one which is emotionally intelligent.


Having developed our EQ work over the past two years and presented it locally and nationally we would now like to share with you our journey so far….

Poster Presenters:

The session will be presented by the Project Director with colleagues from primary and secondary schools.  Our credentials include: