Get your own and your student’s emotional Portrait in twenty minutes

Dr Joseph Chbat, Canada


  • Provide the educators with a new EQ test that gives them their emotional pulse in twenty minutes and help them get their student’s emotional profile and enhance their learning abilities.
  • Equip them with a tool that puts them in contact with 14 major emotional skills gathered under four major  categories: Self-awareness, Emotional control, Positive perception of others, and Successful  relationship with them.
  • Inspire them to imagine pedagogical strategies for emotional development permitting better success in work and in life.


This workshop will introduce you to a new tool we have just developed and validated in the French Canadian college Network. It consists of an EQ test that traces in twenty minutes your emotional profile, and allows you as well to get your students emotional portrait, to know them better and to make them become better learners.


The results of this new EQ test are presently helping us to establish correlations between academic achievements and emotional skills, and to identify the four main skills that correlate the most with the academic success.


This inspiring project is helping us in developing pedagogical strategies to enhance our college student’s emotional skills in the perspective of increasing their success. Later on, this test will be proposed and adapted for the workplace.

Poster Presenter:

Dr Joseph Chbat, with a Ph.D. in philosophy, has been teaching in college for 35 years.   Very involved in finding tools and strategies to help students become better learners, he has been researching many topics for ten years, including Philosophy for Children and Emotional Intelligence. For this last subject, he has obtained a grant from the Quebec Ministry of Education for the last four years.  He has have been actively involved in lecturing and sharing results on this topic throughout the Canadian College Network. Positive feedback and great interest have been demonstrated by pedagogical associations and educators who participated in his lectures and workshops.