Enhancing sales performance through emotional intelligence development

Dr Ben Palmer, Australia



While several studies have reported positive relationships between emotional intelligence and sales performance, this study is one of the first in the world to report improvements in sales revenue resulting from emotional intelligence development. Dr Palmer will outline the methodology and results of the program. He will then facilitate discussion on how the methodology could and is being adapted to improve other human captial variables to increase company revenue.


Dr Ben Palmer completed his PhD on the assessment and application of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Since completion in 2002 he has been designing, validating and implementing emotional intelligence development programs to improve human capital performance variables and company revenue. His products and programs have delivered tangible improvements in both these areas and are used by organizations across the U.S.A., the U.K. South Africa, and the Asia Pacific Region. Dr Palmer is also a widely recognized expert in emotional intelligence. He is an invited member of the prestigious Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence and has published extensively in the area.