Skills that last a lifetime!

Mies van den Hemel, The Netherlands


  • Discover the basic principles of an integrated and purposive approach to learn social and personal management skills to young children ( 4-12 years)
  • Examine what effective teachers do. Discover the qualities of effective teachers in socializing young children, in supporting self-knowledge and self-control
  • Explore the power of activities that helps acquire the skills


Is it not the dream of every parent and teacher that their children and students develop fundamental life skills that will help them to succeed in school and in the world?

In today´s world the demand for a wide range of life skills is up. To participate and progress in the dynamic world of work  the need of teamwork skills, communication skills and personal management skills is high .

The greatest need in education today is the need to educate for life skills

A succesfull  approach need to broaden out the curricula to include life skills.

This workshop is not only about the importance of teaching life skills but present  an integrated structural approach how you can teach them. An advantage of this approach is that no time is taken from the academic content.  We will focus on how teachers can make a difference creating a learning environment that will help children acquire those skills.


Mies van den Hemel works as a senior education advisor for Bazalt (Training & implementation, projectmanagement, research & development, educational publishing) in The Netherlands. For over the last 10 years she is engaged in developing and training approaches of acquiring social skills and virtue acquisition. For Bazalt she is projectleader in the Netherlands of WinWin Discipline, (a positive,practical and powerfull approach to discipline by Spencer Kagan, San Clemente.

Relevant publishing:

Author and coop- author of:

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Een onderwijsaanpak gericht op zelfkennis en zelfsturing van gedrag binnen en buiten de school
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