Inspiring Emotionally Intelligent learners – An international partnership for staff development: American Independent Schools work in Africa with European School of Emotional Literacy

Dr Elizabeth Morris, UK


analyse, discuss, develop, examine, explore, identify, recognize, and so on.

  • Participants will identify the critical success factors of an innovative staff development programme for implementing and embedding social and emotional learning in their school
  • Participants will discuss a variety of staff development models and decide what would work best in their setting
  • Participants will critique materials taken from the demonstration projects and practice adapting them for their own needs.


This workshop will be run by Dr Elizabeth Morris of the School of Emotional Literacy in UK who will give the overview of a practical and effective staff training programme she ran with AISJ (American International School of Johannesburg)  


It will also be co-presented by AISJ who will give demonstrations of two wonderful action learning projects developed by staff members who were students of the programme to bring about the implementation of emotional literacy in their school.  This format will allow participants to share both the process of the training and the practical outcomes in terms of materials, lesson plans, curriculum changes and results.  They will be inspired by these very effective, creative school practitioners who brought the best of American, European and African experiences into their projects.


Dr Elizabeth Morris is a developmental psychologist and a national expert on emotional literacy in Children and Families Services the UK. She has worked extensively in Europe, Africa and America, and her work covers all aspects of this field; from advising the Scottish Parliament on health issues such as the promotion of positive mental health and wellbeing within schools, training schools and education authorities on how to implement and embed emotional literacy in their setting, to advising the cabinet office strategy team and education boards in France, Ireland, Wales, Serbia, Russia etc on the development of emotional literacy within their national systems.


AISJ is an International School with dedicated and creative staff from all over the world working in their campus in Johannesburg.  They are passionate about the health, wellbeing and success of their pupils, and believe that social and emotional learning – emotional literacy – lies at the heart of this success.  They have a long term plan to integrate emotional literacy into their school community through work with staff, pupils and parents and joyously embrace all their learning.  Two staff members will present.