Ubuntu and EQ — The Core of Human Interaction

Mike Boon, SA


The Core of Human Interaction: Parallels will be drawn between the recent thinking on EQ and the age-old African social construct of ubuntu, relating this to self-awareness and our emotional response to change.


Mike Boon is the CEO of The Vulindlela Network, a South African company specialising in the cultural enhancement of organisations, diversity management and transformation.  Mike tackles prejudice and develops understanding, tolerance and respect for the viewpoints, customs and beliefs of others.

Mike’s is the author of The African Way and was involved in hosting the delegation of Prince Philip to the battlefields of KwaZulu Natal as well as being the host facilitator for the recent visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to South Africa.

Mike is an acknowledged storyteller and much of his work is based on the tempestuous and awesome nature of South Africa’s past as a nation. He works persistently for a Human Centered African renaissance and his study of the past is focused upon informing the future in order to create a better life for all.

Mike is a member of the board of the Moral Regeneration Movement of South Africa and has sat on the boards of the Valued Citizens Trust and Eco-Access.  He also conducts workshops for Community Police Forums and together with Mrs Zanele Mbeki (South Africa’s First Lady) established South African Women in Dialogue (SAWID), which recently opened a chapter in the UK.

Mike became the first man to paddle the length of the Zambezi River from its source to sea, solo, and has used this incredible feat in his work to positively transform both companies and the country as a whole.