From “Burnt-out”  to inspiriting energy through Emotional Intelligence

Dr Lipi Paul, Germany


Delegates will explore:

  • Inspiration of EQ to turn the fuel of adrenal hormones to challenging energy instead of burning out through excessive strain.
  • To raise absolute awareness of balanced mental emotions inspired by the movement of body, mind and soul before stepping in the daily life.
  • To use emotional intelligence as a key to personal transformation for inspiring an Emotionally Intelligent Future.


Attendees will benefit from playing the game “The Emotions Ride”, which has Continuous releasing of stress hormone work as a fuel to be burned out.  Whether you find stress, conflict, or anxiety as underlying emotion, physical as well as mental symptoms are often an indication of dis-stress or dis-ease. Hence over time stress hormones can accumulate in our body and cause us to feel “burnt-out” or “depressed.”
The emphasis of this Session will be on techniques and methods to utilize this surplus fuel of stress hormone as motivating and inspiring fuel to raise positive inner energy by applying emotional intelligence. Delegates will experience the flow of inner energy through body, mind and soul movement, enhance the essence of calm emotional state, and develop their emotional intelligence to stabilize this calm emotional state which increase the awareness of self confidence to go ahead with full of inspiration.


Lipi Paul, PhD, is internationally renowned Scientist of Stress and Anxiety, founder and director of Stressmanagement Institute (Germany), founder and Chairman of Federal German Association of Stressmanagement. Dr. Paul is emotional intelligence consultants and works with business executives, teachers and students to explore their EQ competencies. Dr. Lipi Paul has established her Patient-Concept of Combination- Technique of Eastern and Western Relaxation Training for application in everyday lifestyle.