The Emotional Economy - Sustainability

Steph Vermeulen, SA


During this session delegates will learn to:

    • Bring to life the worth of humanity in business
    • Revive personal power by emo-energizing
    • Trade fear for inspiration
    • Understand the central role of emotional engagement in both personal and company success


Emotion is the currency of the future, and harnessing the power of human nature is overshadowing reason-based systems that dictated ‘people-unfriendly’ concepts like re-engineering. With accounting-based systems only achieving marginal success in the longer-term  and the challenge of parity products and/or services, the human element has now taken center stage; so much so that good quality functional relationships are central to the idea of producing sustainable, profitable growth in future. Financial success no longer depends so much on the understanding of economics, organisational development and systems, now it depends more upon an understanding of the people who produce the results.  Proof shows that for every 1 percent improvement in the service climate, there is a 2 percent increase in revenue.  Practically, this translates into producing emotional satisfaction in customers and knowing what inspires top performance in people.


Steph Vermeulen is South Africa’s leading expert on Emotional Intelligence and the country’s most controversial voice on women’s issues.   As the first person to introduce emotional intelligence to South Africa, she has spent the past 10 years debunking the theory to make it practical.  Her first book - EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone – is a best-seller and her second - Stitched up: Who fashions women’s lives? – was launched in South Africa in 2005, and will be launched in America in October in 2007.  In 2001 she became so fed up with the negativity in South Africa that she launched the country’s first National Be Positive Day, which now runs as an annual event.  Steph has been invited to address audiences at numerous international conferences and has developed a reputation for ‘pulling no punches’.