WorkQ: The key to performance

Alinda Nortje, SA


By attending this presentation you will:

  • Explore the term WorkQ and its link to EQ
  • Be able to identify internal barriers to increasing WorkQ, with special reference to non-management employees
  • Examine how employees can be helped to develop WorkQ and so increase performance levels.


Outstanding job performance requires more than EQ; it also requires an understanding of your organization, what it does, its products and where your job fits into the bigger picture.

It requires an awareness of and the ability to effectively manage your own contribution to living the organization’s values and meeting its objectives. This is referred to as WorkQ.

The reality is that there is a large gap in the WorkQ of most employees on the lower job levels in South Africa. This manifests in a lack of ownership, blaming and a sense of entitlement.

This presentation will show you why this gap exists and how it can successfully be addressed by developing not only the EQ of lower level workers, but also their WorkQ.


Alinda Nortje is the founder and executive chairperson of Free To Grow. Free To Grow specializes in different facets of Lifeskills and personal effectiveness. It has a client base of more than 400 organisations in Southern Africa from all sectors of the economy. Alinda has developed all Free To Grow’s training programmes and is seen as an expert in the field of personal mastery, accelerated learning and facilitation.  She is a recipient of the prestigious national IPM Human Growth Award for ‘sustained commitment to people development’.  Heading an organization who has trained more than 35 000 people over the past 12 years, she has gained valuable experience on the subject she will be talking about.