Journey into EQ while playing the “Emotions Ride” game

Silvia Damiano, Australia


  • Extend your EQ knowledge through play and interaction in a workshop designed to provide an experiential opportunity.
  • Explore how to dynamically apply EQ concepts in corporate or educational workshops.
  • Examine a fun, yet practical way of developing EQ programs within your organization by using this innovative training tool.


Attendees will benefit from playing the game “The Emotions Ride”, which has been designed to enable participants to build their awareness of EQ, learn self-management skills and build the foundation for better relationships.

The game is made up of three main sections, represented by three colour paths on the game board. The aim of the game is to advance along the PhotoMap Game Board towards the ultimate goal, the “Palace of Optimal Performance” whilst collecting the maximum number of yellow tokens.

The visual representation of the PhotoMap is based on the Blip AMR (Awareness, Management and Relationships) EQ model.

The other main benefit to attendees would include a deeper appreciation of how to combine EQ theory with experiential activities through the modelling of best practice facilitation methods.


Silvia Damiano is one of Australia’s leading EQ & Organisational Development Consultants. With extensive qualifications and global experience, Silvia has designed and delivered a broad range of cultural change programs that have affected a lasting change on organisations through its people. Her unique and highly experiential approach to facilitation and coaching is the key driver for participants gaining deeper change in how they approach their work, life and relationship with others. Silvia has won the 2006 Learning Achievement Award from the Australian Institute of Training & Development for designing a training tool which  assisted one of her clients in the finance industry to understand how their behaviour was helping or hindering them in managing their employees.