Developing High Achievers through EQ:
A practical perspective

Geetu Bharwaney


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Specify the EQ challenges most common to high achievers.
  • Identify effective frameworks and structures for designing EQ interventions aimed at high achievers, as part of talent management or succession planning programmes.
  • List five specific considerations to address, as part of ensuring your intervention has the highest chance of success.


This session is highly practical in nature. It is designed to focus specifically on the implementation of an emotional intelligence intervention for people identified as being of either high potential or in critical roles, as part of talent management or succession planning processes in organisations.

The implementation of work of this nature requires the highest degree of sensitivity and focus. The impact of emotional intelligence leadership interventions can be profound across a range of performance indicators including a 15-20% increase in EQ-i pre and post intervention scoring, plus minimally 40% of participants who enhanced their effectiveness move to positions of greater responsibility.

These key themes and other success measures will be explored in this session and practical suggestions provided to help you design interventions for both maximum ‘payback’ and rapid ‘payforward’ which will grab the attention of key stakeholders and sponsors in a business. 


Geetu Bharwaney is Founder and Managing Director of Ei World Limited, one of Europe’s thought leaders in the application of emotional intelligence in business. Geetu’s present work involves working with high achievers in a variety of business contexts.  This includes measuring EQ, researching the characteristics of “star” leadership performance, and providing focused and targeted coaching and development. She has built emotional intelligence interventions from scratch and has proven measurable results from her work with individuals and groups.  Geetu is author of ‘Emotionally Intelligent Living’ (Crown House Publishing, 2001) and numerous articles (many of which are available for download from She has appeared on interviews on CNN, Radio 4 and on Canadian television.