How training in Emotional Competencies impacts team climate and business performance

Pedro Costa Malheiro, Portugal


  • Explore how emotional intelligence competencies can be addressed in people management training interventions.
  • Identify the impact of emotional competencies of managers in the climate indicators of teams.
  • Analyze/Discuss the training project assessment methodology


Excellent people management skills is seen by the Retail department of a Portuguese multinational oil company as a competitive advantage in terms of employee engagement and retention with impact in sustained high performance. Under the “banner” of “positive energy” an innovative people and team management training & development plan was devised combining emotional competencies 360º assessment, formal training and performance coaching sessions. The Nexus attendees will see how the training design was planned so that it could address specifically the emotional competencies that underpin the team leader requirements for management of high performance customer service teams.  The assessment results of this project while showing that team leaders EI skills correlates with team climate factors and retail station sales indicators, also shows puzzling questions about the impact of self management in performance and raise the awareness for other interesting areas of investigation about how to optimize the impact of EI training interventions in organizations. 


Pedro Costa Malheiro - HR Management in IT and Energy business. Consultant in Personal Development and Leadership Training. Management of professional services/projects in organizational behaviour; human resources systems; training &development across several industries. Accredited coach and leadership development training consultant by Hay/McBer and “Six seconds”.