Best practices to enhance emotional awareness and control

Dr Rina de Klerk, SA


  • To explore different ways to identify / recognize  emotions
  • To examine how emotions work and analyze the importance of enhancing  emotional literacy
  • To be introduced too and start to develop practical techniques to accept responsibility to control emotions, and not suppress them.


There is a considerable body of research suggesting that a person’s ability to perceive, identify, and manage emotions and thoughts provides the basis for the social and emotional competencies that are important for success in all life dimensions. This particular set of abilities will become increasingly important as the pace of change in the world make greater demands on a person’s cognitive, emotional and physical resources. However without emotional awareness, control can hardly be possible. In theory it’s easy to describe the process, but how to become aware and control in real life, is sometimes a challenge. In this session participants will explore via experiential learning (egg. Brain gym, videos, role-play) how to enhance their awareness and control. To express or control our emotions inappropriately is to risk derailing our careers, damaging relationships and eventually ruin our health. However EQ is not a quick fix, delegates need to practice the skills in order to integrate.


Dr Rina de Klerk is author of more than 300 articles in both scientific and popular magazines.

Co-author of four books:

“Emotional Intelligence. The all in one workbook for optimal personal growth”. 2001,

“Emotional intelligence for children and teens. A practical guide for parents and teachers”. 2003

“EQ in my pocket". A quick guide to emotional Intelligence, 2004

Part time lecturer University of Johannesburg for Masters Degree students on Professional and Personal Leadership. Full time trainer and coach on EQ.

Winner of an International award for the Best Educational Program in a newspaper, in the world in 2003, with the Kellogg’s- “Star in you” EQ program. (Sunday Times).