The Road to Emotional Intelligence Diversity, Complexity, Discontinuity and Success

Rosanna Durruthy, USA



Diversity, complexity, and discontinuity are the leading influences of stress in our lives, careers, and business environments. They are also driving the opportunities of our future.

Emotional Intelligence has successfully created a context for viewing our personal and social competence in the existing environment. However, how will we create value through our differences tomorrow? What tools must we command to be relevant and influential in our own future? How will we encourage personal responsibility in ourselves and in others, to ensure effectiveness, inclusion, and success?

We will explore a model that is derived of emotional intelligence, to focus on seven elements that enable value creation, personal influence, and adaptability. We will utilize this model, known as Talent Alchemy™, and define its’ components to recognize opportunities for personal inclusion, and to identify the hidden behaviours that parallel exclusion.


Rosanna Durruthy is Founder, President and Chief Talent Strategist of ÆQUUS Group, LLC. She is a leadership coach, and international consultant in leadership, inclusion, and mentoring and has lectured on these topics for professional groups and business audiences.

Prior to ÆQUUS Group, Rosanna was a human resources executive in the media, entertainment and financial services industries. Her previous roles include Chief Diversity Officer of Vivendi Universal (now known as Vivendi), Vice President of Leadership Development and Staffing at Blockbuster, Inc., and Vice President of Diversity Recruiting at Merrill Lynch.

Ms. Durruthy pursued her studies in government, at Harvard University.