Capable Leadership – Nurturing Your Coaching Ability

Deborah Monroe, USA



Based on Deborah’s forthcoming book, “Capable Leadership:  20 Things That Your Leadership Coach Wants You To Know”, this session aims to build an intuitive sense in participants in order to find the root of their client’s dilemma.  In this session, we will encourage you to recognize patterns of behaviour that hinder your client’s capability to lead while working to identify indicators that either cause the patterns or are associated with that pattern.  We will employ our group experience, practice our coaching skills, use role play to make the most of the concepts and discuss coaching issues we have experienced to draw on our collective wisdom.


Deborah Monroe’s EI360 Program ranked in the top three core classes for Harley-Davidson Motor Company.  As President and CEO of DRM Development Group and Founder of EQ Essentials, Deborah takes a physiological approach to Emotional Intelligence providing understanding and insight into the depth of the driving emotion in the office.  Poignant moments created with humour realizing that we are, indeed, all the same…suffering from being human!

Deborah is currently one of 12 Master EQ Practitioners in the world through the Global EQ Community of 6 Seconds.  She is also an associate with IOP (Institute for Organizational Performance) and a faculty member of HDI (the Help Desk Institute).  Working with all levels of Executive Leadership, Management and Individual Contributors, Ms. Monroe concentrates on integrating humans and process for a balanced working environment.  Her aim is to build understanding and empathy creating a positive bottom line through employee and customer retention.  Executive and Personal Life Coaching remains one of Deborah’s areas of expertise.  Her clientele range from the Entertainment Industry to Corporate environments.