Alternative assessment strategies for developing EI in individuals and organizations

Laura Mari I Barrajón, Spain / Dr Robert Emmerling, USA


Participants will….


The need to identify, develop and retain talent is one of the key challenges that face organizations today. Questionnaire and ability-based assessments of emotional intelligence have caught the majority of attention from academics and practitioners, however alternative assessment methods like Behavioural Event Interviewing (BEI) and simulations, which also have demonstrated reliability and validity, can aid in the assessment of specific social and emotional competencies. Participants will learn how to administer and rate individual’s performance on experiential activities and give feedback in order to develop and leverage emotional intelligence competencies in coaching and training. Through detailed discussion of specific cases, participants will analyze how leading multinational companies have employed these specific techniques to address real-world issues and produce measurable results.


Dr. Robert Emmerling is a leading expert in the assessment and development of emotional intelligence competencies in the workplace, and has spent his career as a consultant, researcher and lecturer specializing in this area.  Through his work as a researcher for the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, he has been involved in the development of best practice guidelines for developing emotional intelligence and a 3-year project to identify and evaluative model programs related to emotional intelligence.  He is also a founding member of Competency International, a research-based consultancy dedicated to advancing motive and competency research and application methods, and maintaining scientific standards of reliability and validity.

Laura Mari i Barrajón is a consultant, trainer, and coach to multinational companies, as well as the not-for-profit and public organizations. Laura is an expert at developing programs that focus on the acquisition of emotional intelligence competences through experience. As part of her teaching technique, she works with a select group of professionally trained actors and actresses in order to train her clients to acquire emotional competencies. Laura is regarded within the Spanish business community as a leading expert in the assessment and development of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. She operates her own private management consultancy firm “Inteligencia Emocional Interpersonal”, and provides strategic solutions to a large group of clients. She serves as a consultant to some of the largest multinational companies operating in Spain.