Building personal resilience using emotional intelligence concepts to optimize personal and organizational performance

Rod Warner, SA



Resilience in South Africa is now a critical attribute. We define resilience at work to be the ability to remain task focused and productive whilst experiencing tough times, and emerging strengthened and more resourceful. Research was undertaken to understand how people cope with stress and adversity at work. This is presented in a model to strengthen personal resilience. The model contains 7 constructs:

The presentation is highly interactive. Delegates will identify some of their own resilience factors, and then relate and compare them to the model. Training incorporating emotional intelligence concepts to enhance resilience is described. The outcome of training conducted using this approach is presented. The presentation concludes with delegates exploring how resilience training could benefit their work force and organizations.


Rod Warner has 10 years management consulting experience, specializing in designing and implementing specialised interventions for behaviour change in the fields of resilience, change management and organisational performance. His clients include Old Mutual, Metropolitan Life, City of Cape Town, and BP. He has held positions heading up HR Development; managing administration teams and a national sales force for Old Mutual. His skill areas are:

Rod has a BA, TTHD, HIA, and registered as Chartered HR Practitioner with the South African Board of Personnel Practice