Emotional Intelligence & Wellness

Dr Pieter van Jaarsveld, SA


After the session attendees should be able to:


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) determines up to 85% of the success of a leader! What, however, is the impact of EQ on the wellness of people?

Wellness refers to the well-being of a person – his happiness and fulfilment. For many years psychology focussed on disorders, discovering deficits and repairing damage. Only recently the positive psychology approach started to focus on prevention. They realise that prevention of mental illness can lead to the wellness of people. Their research shows that an emotionally intelligent person with positive emotions such as confidence, hope, trust, optimism, happiness serve us best, not only when life is easy, but when life is difficult.

Negative emotions affect the wellness of the person. So, for example, five minutes of negativity, worry, and anger have a six hour affect on the body’s immune system. Your negativity could kill you! Negative emotions increase the stress hormones which lead to low energy levels, fatigue, heart diseases, chronic pains. This chronic pain not only shrinks the memory centre of the brain but also shrinks the entire brain! Research shows that 74-90% of all illnesses are stress related which reflects the sad state of the wellness of people! The good news is, however, that research in the EQ field shows emotions can change the life of people. People have more control over their emotions than they imagine.

Positive emotions can transform your brain, body and life. This session wants to show you how EQ can help you to live a life of wellness very easily!


Dr Pieter van Jaarsveld is a registered psychologist, who has lectured at universities, and acted as visiting lecturer at business schools.

He has been involved in HR in the corporate world for many years and is a recognised international consultant in leadership development. He is CEO of Tandem Training who does consulting on various topics, with emphasis on Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Assessments, Organisational Development and Enhancement courses, with the focus on developing the self and others by improving interpersonal skills and relationships.

He has presented radio and TV programmes and is a regular speaker at conferences nationally and internationally. He has often received accolades as the best speaker at conferences such as ASTD, 2006 and 2007. He is a published author.  His book on EQ “Heart of a Winner: Developing your Emotional Intelligence” received the CBSA best publication award.