The Happiness Conundrum: A South African Perspective

Dr Jopie de Beer, SA



South Africans are known for their tolerance of diversity, their hope, warmth and exuberance.  Given also the prevalence of HIV/ Aids, poverty, crime and even the rate of societal change one could wonder about the South African mood levels.

Based on the BarOn EQ-I results of 10,000 South Africans an analysis of their responses on the mood scales provide an interesting insight into the mood levels in South Africa.  Mood can enhance or deplete emotional energy and as such can have a significant effect on the emotional wellness and the quality of life of the individual.

This session will focus on happiness as a core EI construct, how South Africans reflect in terms of mood and how these results can provide one with both insight and techniques in terms of managing and enhancing mood levels of the South African population.


Dr. de Beer is a founding member and the managing director of Jopie van Rooyen & Partners SA, one of the primary tests publishing/ distributing and consulting companies in Sub Saharan Africa. She obtained her D Litt et Phil degree in 1997 on the topic: South African Myers Briggs Type Distribution: A comparative study.

She has extensive experience as university lecturer and is an internationally accredited trainer in the field of personality and emotional intelligence assessment and development. Her consulting experience include team development, executive coaching and leadership development as well as stress management, career development and conflict resolution. She is passionate about human potential, firmly believing that self-knowledge, insight and acceptance of uniqueness are the cornerstones of optimal human development.

Dr. de Beer is registered as a Clinical Psychologists with the HPCSA. She is also member of the following associations: