Exploring the Hidden Dimensions of Organizational Change

Daniel Bichis, Romania


Identifying the effect of emotional reactions elicited by an organizational change

exploring individual and group EQ traits involved in optimal adaptation to change

discussing applications in real-world situations.


Leading organizational changes is one of the most challenging tasks of a manager, because of deep-rooted emotional reactions which cannot be addressed by rational arguments. By applying KCG-model of 6 Seconds Organization, participants will explore the 5 levels of reaction:

- learned experiences from the past (patterns),

- hidden agendas,

- individual and group convictions and values,

- self-image and group roles,

- deep emotional reactions (projection, transfer, other Ego protection mechanisms),

and identify the individual and group EQ traits enhancing the proper constructive response. A discussion based on real-world examples will further enhance the translation of experiential findings into directly applicable solutions.


Daniel Bichis was certified as an Associated EQ Trainer by 6 Seconds Organization in 2006, and is NLP Trainer certified by Society of NLP since 2000. He followed extensive trainings in experiential, Gestalt and systemic therapy, in Ericksonian hypnosis and Reichian analysis. He has more than 10 years experience in coaching of individuals, couples, families and companies. His major ability is facilitation of changes in life, career, organizational development, using a holistic approach. He is member of International Coaching Association, International Association of NLP Trainers (IANLP) and 6 Seconds EQ Network.