Training is for dogs – Use EQ to change behaviour and improve performance

Brent Darnell, USA


Discuss the link between EQi profiles and human performance.


We will discuss the link between the Bar-On EQi and human performance with real world examples and case studies from individuals and companies with whom we have worked.  We will examine before and after EQi scores for groups and individuals and see how these changes in scores have changed behaviours and increased performance.  We will also discuss why traditional training methods are not as effective for EQ learning and  delve into a proven methodology for creating behavioural shifts in employees that positively affect their performance at work and at home.  Companies will be able to walk away with practical information to apply in their work place in order to initiate positive changes in their employees. 


Brent Darnell is a leading authority on emotional intelligence and a pioneer in its use in the construction industry. Over the years Brent has helped to improve the social competence of thousands of people in over 70 companies in more than 20 countries around the world.  He believes in a holistic approach to personal development, creating fundamental and lasting change. Brent is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, and lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Andrea and their dog Ginger. His book, The People-Profit Connection, How Emotional Intelligence Can Maximize People Skills & Maximize Your Profits, has sold thousands of copies around the world.  Brent believes that when you create fundamental change within the individual, you create positive, lasting change within the organization.