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Stephen Mellor

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Stephen J. Mellor has an internationally recognized track record in real-time and technical applications development. In 1985, he published the widely read Ward-Mellor trilogy Structured Development for Real-Time Systems. In 1988, he published his first book on object-orientation, Object-Oriented Systems Analysis: Modeling the World in Data. This book, and its companion Object Lifecycles: Modeling the World in States, together were the first books to define the concepts of object-oriented analysis. Mr Mellor has taught and consulted on hundreds of real-world projects using these methods worldwide.

Mr Mellor has an active role in the Object Management Group (OMG), the industry consortium that standardized UML. He chaired the consortium that defined the Precise Action Semantics, which makes the UML executable. He is currently the Chair of the OMG analysis and design working group defining the framework for model-driven architecture (MDA).

Steve is Vice-President and founder of Project Technology, Inc., a company specializing in solutions for model-driven development. PT has deployed its solutions, based on the concepts of executable and translatable UML, in over 1400 projects worldwide.

He has just completed his latest book Executable UML: A Foundation for Model-Driven Architecture with Marc J. Balcer, available from Addison Wesley in June 2002.

In his copious spare time, he is a member of the IEEE Software Industrial Advisory Board.




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