Rod Warner

Building Resilience

Rod has specialized in the field of resilience for 8 years, and has researched, developed interventions, presented and published in the field of building resilience and change management. He has extensive experience in learning, design facilitation and skills development. Over 2000 people have attended his in-depth workshops on building personal resilience. His “Building Resilience Handbook” is used in the University Cape Town MBA programme.
Previously he has held positions heading up HR and Development; managing national administration teams and a national sales force for Old Mutual. He has a degree in psychology and economics, a postgraduate teacher’s diploma and is a Chartered HR Practitioner with the South African Board of Personal Practice. He is married with two adult children, three grandchildren and has run over 100 marathons and ultra marathons including 20 Comrades Marathons.


Resilience is all about keeping the experience of stress positive. At work we need resilience to cope and remain task focused and productive whilst experiencing difficult times. Too little stress leads to boredom but too much is debilitating. Resilience also enables personal growth through emerging from the experience strengthened and more resourceful. In this interactive presentation, recent research to understand how people cope with stress will be presented as principles of resilience. These are:

  1. Connect to your meaning in life
  2. Use your unique strengths
  3. Maintain perspective
  4. Generate positive feelings
  5. Be realistically optimistic
  6. Persevere by being open minded and flexible
  7. Reach out to others

Delegates will identify some of their own resilience factors, and then relate and compare them to the model. Training incorporating emotional intelligence concepts to enhance resilience will be described. Delegates will take away a deeper understanding of their own coping and resilience strategies, and how this can be applied to their lives.

Learning Objectives