Dr Pieter van Jaarsveld

Tandem Training

Dr Pieter van Jaarsveld is a registered psychologist, who has lectured at universities, and acted as visiting lecturer at business schools. He has been involved in HR in the corporate world for many years and is a recognized international consultant in leadership development. He is CEO of Tandem Training who does consulting on various topics, with the emphasis on EI, Organisational Development and Enhancement Courses and Positive Psychology. He has presented radio and TV programmes and is a regular keynote speaker at conference nationally and internationally. He was the organizer and chairman of the 6th Nexus International EQ conference in 2007. He is a published author. His latest book on EI “Heart of a Winner” was a best seller and received the CBSA best publication award.


Wellbeing, happiness and fulfillment are the pre-requisites for success in every sphere of life – in the business world, relationships, education, all of life!
For many decades psychology focused on disorders and only in this millennium the positive psychology approach started to focus on prevention. It was realized that prevention of mental illness can lead to the wellness, happiness and fulfillment of people which in turn could lead to the success of people in their lives and therefore also in schools. Research in the field of emotional intelligence (EI) showed that negative emotions affect the wellness of people. So, for example, five minutes of negativity, worry, and anger have a six minutes effect on the body’s immune system. Negativity increases stress hormones which lead to low energy levels, fatigue, heart disease, chronic pain and can even do brain damage! Red lights are therefore not only flickering for employees in the business world but for all the relationships of the human being! Especially for teachers! The good news is, however, that the latest research in the EI field and positive psychology shows that emotions can change the life of a person. People have more control over their emotions than they can imagine! Positive emotions can transform your brain, body and life!

This session wants to show how EI and positive psychology can help you to live a life of wellness very easily!

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