Dr Lipi Paul

Stressmanagement Institute, Germany

Lipi Paul, PhD, is an internationally renowned Scientist of Stress and Anxiety, educator, and an expert global authority on Emotional Intelligence. She is founder and director of Stressmanagement Institue, the leading educational training Institute in Germany focused on Burnout prevention and EQ development programs. Dr. Lipi Paul consults internationally and delivers keynote-lectures frequently on Stress, Anxiety, EQ and Burnout to business conferences of leading reputed enterprises and on university campuses and offers exclusive leadership development trainings. She provides “International Stress management Trainer Certification Courses” based on the training concept developed by her. She has established her patented Concept of Combination-Technique of Western behavioral and brain sciences along with Eastern Relaxation Training for application in everyday lifestyle. This extensive knowledge combines in a harmonious way with the excellent concept developed under her management, which is now being regarded as one of the most sought-after application methods in the area of EQ development, Burnout prevention, Stress and Anxiety management.


The emphasis of this session will be on techniques and methods to develop emotional intelligence by stabilizing calm emotional state which increase the awareness of self-confidence to challenge the global demands of competency. In 21st centuries global world people feel physical and mental symptoms of underlying emotion of stress, conflict and anxiety, which are an indication of distress or disease. Without coping strategy stress hormone can accumulate in our body, mind and soul and cause us to feel emotionally exhausted. This Session shows the strategies how one can keep these emotions under control. Attendees can learn to control his/her behavior accordingly, rather than thoughtlessly pass over situations or react automatically. This is in dealing with employees, colleagues or clients as important as within the family. This capability is particularly useful in situations which are characterized by misunderstandings, blockades and constant repetitions.

Learning Objectives