Geetu Bharwaney

Ei World, UK

Geetu is the Founding Director of Ei World Limited. She has specialized in emotional intelligence research, development and evaluation since 1999 and is considered a pioneer in the field of emotional intelligence. Her main areas of interest are leadership development, professional effectiveness and coaching high achievers in a cross-cultural context. She set up Ei (UK) in 1999, now Ei World, reflecting the company’s growth internationally from its original UK roots. Geetu Bharwaney brings 24 years of experience coaching and developing organizational leaders. From a base in the United Kingdom, Geetu has implemented coaching and development projects in 37 countries throughout the States, Europe, Russia, South America (including Mexico, Brazil and Peru), across Africa, and South-East Asia (China, Australasia and India). Her clients make up a broad spectrum of industries including FTSE 100 and Fortune 50 companies, government agencies/service providers, sports associations and public-private partnerships. One of her passions is equipping coaches and mentors with emotional intelligence tools and approaches including Trait Emotional Intelligence and Team Emotional Intelligence. She has built associations with leading authors of tools for measuring EI. Geetu is a member of the Ei Consortium, a qualified Human Resources professional and a qualified counselor in workplace contexts. She has published extensively on the topic of emotional intelligence.


Everyday application of Emotional Intelligence focuses on individuals, yet most organisational work happens in teams. This paper shares the latest research, best practices and proven techniques for building Team-level Emotional Intelligence (Team EI). Research indicates that a set of specific Team EI norms and routines lead to the development of a productive social and emotional team environment and increases team performance. This workshop introduces the underpinning research and framework of the concept of Team Emotional Intelligence, used by leading organisations to help teams move towards high performance. Provides a timely addition to our know-how on emotional intelligence, applicable in both business and educational contexts in the 21st Century.

Learning Objectives