Bruce Cryer

HeartMath, USA

Bruce Cryer was one of the Founders of the HeartMath organisation and has spent much of the past 25 years talking with and training groups around the world in the HeartMath System. Bruce spent many years as the Chief Executive Officer of HeartMath LLC and has worked with organisations across almost every continent and in every sector. In 2011 he agreed to become a Director and Founder within HeartMath South Africa and has spent time working with our broader team to Develop our Network of Licensed 1:1 Providers and Group Trainers. Bruce is an internationally recognised speaker on all aspects of the links between our physiology, our emotions and our performance and he draws upon a wealth of professional and personal experiences to create a high energy and impactful workshop environment.


Emotional Intelligence has been proven in numerous case studies to impact individual and organizational performance. What are the key factors that affect the bottom line in a positive way? Research from the US demonstrates that the "heart" of emotional intelligence may be in the heart itself — how much "heart" we put into our career, our relationships, our work with clients, clients, and the world. Inspiration and authenticity are being seen as ever more important qualities in the quest for greater emotional intelligence, and they directly impact the bottom line of any organization. Bruce Cryer has spent much of the past 30 years researching and demonstrating the effectiveness of performance enhancement and EQ tools in workplace settings, first as CEO of HeartMath in the US and now as a Director of HeartMath South Africa. HeartMath is known for its groundbreaking research in to the physiology of human performance and the role of positive emotion in performance. Bruce brings a seasoned business perspective, dramatic personal stories, and a unique stage presence shaped from his years on Broadway. This is a session you won't want to miss! 

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