D2: Analysis in Agile: There's More to it than User Stories

Kent McDonald, B2T Training

A common question asked by teams adopting agile is “what does business analysis look like in agile?” The common answer is “writing user stories”.
WRONG! Okay, maybe not wrong, but certainly not the whole story (pardon the pun). Business analysis in agile is concerned with understanding the problem and possible solutions in order to ensure the team is building the right thing. User stories can be helpful, but are certainly not sufficient for doing that.

In this session Kent describes how you can perform just enough business analysis to discover the right things to build. This includes how to really use value to decide what to build first, why process flows, data models, and mockups are still extremely helpful, and why the function of user stories is more important than their form. Along the way, we share examples from a system replacement project and suggest ways you can apply these techniques to your own projects.

Main takeaways

Kent J. McDonald uncovers better ways of delivering value by doing it and helping others do it.  His more than 15 years of experience include work in business analysis, strategic planning, project management, and product development in a variety of industries including financial services, health insurance, performance marketing, human services, nonprofit, and automotive. He is active in the business analysis and agile software development communities helping people share stories about what does and does not work. 

He shares those stories at b2ttraining.com/blog, beyondrequirements.comtechwell.com, and projectconnections.com in addition to presenting at and helping organize several local and international conferences.